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Gwarancja: 3 miesiące


CD 1

Tracklista: 1. Mirror Mirror (Mon Amour), 2. Give Me Back My Heart, 3. Hand Held In Black And White, 4. Pink And Blue, 5. I Got Your Number Wrong, 6. Guessing Game, 7. Give Me Some Knida Magic, 8. Videotheque, 9. Dangerous Blondes, 10. You Made Me Love You, 11. Anyone Who's Anyone, 12.  The Second Time Around, BONUS TRACKS: 1. Hand Held In Black And White (Alternative Trevor Horn 1981 Mix), 2. Mirror Mirror (Mon Amour) (Alternative Trevor Horn 1981 Mix), 3. Give Me Back My Heart (Alternative Trevor Horn 1981 Mix), 4. Videotheque (Alternative Trevor Horn 1982 Mix), 5. I Got Your Number Wrong (Alternative 1982 Mix), 6. Guessing Games (Alternative 1982 Mix)

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Nr kat: 5013929424128, Dystrybutor: Cherry Red, Gatunek: Pop, Nośnik: CD